Cosa Nostra Impero Kennel (C.N.I.K.) is a young kennel, founded entirely out of love for dogs – especially American Stafford Terriers (AST). Immense love for this wonderful breed is what connects us all. Each and every one of us used to own various breeds of dogs, but it is this particular breed that convinced us that AST represents the dog ideal we have always strived for.

For us, American Staffordshire Terrier represents a dog that is attractive, gracefull and incredibly strong, with an excellent temperament – compatible with both people and animals – and exceptionally fond of children. AST is extremely loyal and able to offer endless love to the whole family.

Cosa Nostra Impero Kennel has three founders and numerous associates to lean on. The team consists of the best vets, dog handlers, trainers and great many competent people who provide us with huge support and give us strenght through their enthusiasm, ambition, knowledge and generosity, having one common goal in mind: constant improvement of the American Staffordshire Terrier as a breed.

Although we are a young dog-kennel, we draw experience from the elder kennels and cynologists. Our youth guarantees that we are up to constant improvement. We are deeply convinced that there’s plenty of time and space for progress and we aim to lift this breed to the level it deserves, place it on top where it belongs and break some impossible limits along the way as well.

Why Cosa Nostra?

This commonly known term can be applied to our understanding of cynology in the following sense: from the beginning to the end, we stick together in realization of our cynological goals as a true big family. C.N.I.K. holds an immense loyalty and respect towards nature and animals.